know more about contactless order:

Contactless order – is a new reliable solution for the restaurant business. Any cafe, restaurant, bakery, pattissery etc.,
may easily integrate it with its operation process to manage orders of the clients.

Solution has a range of options and is customized according to the client’s demand

Each customer is able to see the menu, make an order and provide payment right from his smartphone.
Personnel is able to procceed an order right after it is sent by the client.
Owners and management are able to analyze orders and feedback, which also may be collected by the solution.

how it works
Step 1.
Client orders in the restaurant or remotely

Step 2.
Staff receives an order and payment info on their device (P.C., laptop, touch screen etc.)

Step 3.
Order is forwarded to the chief for further meals preparation
Step 4.
Waiter brings the dishes, provides his support and helps with additional order if needed

get more income with Contactless order


Attract new clients:​

Ordering from you is now easier, quicker and safer than ever before

Develop new sales channels:​

simply place your QR-code so people could easily see it

Optimize costs:

less costs on printed paper menu,
less staff efforts,
less pesonnel costs

Get additional client’s loyalty:

analyze every client’s history of orders

Get the payment online:

the solution integrates with your payment system


Improve your service:

feedback collection – optionally


win-win for everyone

contactless-order-solution-for the-client allows to make an order from personal smartphone , to see the menu, to choose items, to pay online

For the guest: 

  • No need to wait in line: order when sitting the table
  • Scheduled order – a table and a meal are served on defined time
  • Additional order – a client may add additional dishes, drinks, desserts later
  • Delivery: client may order from anywhere and set the time preferred
  • Pick&go – preparation of the odrer is scheduled to be picked on defined time
contactless-order-solution-for the-waiter allows to manage the orders : see the items chosen, payment If payed online), get the tips online within the bill

for the waiter:

  • Clients & personnel safety:
    Less contacts
  • Tips online, useful when the client has no cash  or willing to use only a contactless payment
  • Less time per 1 client => more clients => more tips

for the owner:

  • Customization, flexible settings
  • POS and other payment systems integration
  • STOP-lists management
  • Orders history & analysis
  • Costs optimization
  • Less personnel (less waiters needed)
  • Higher staff efficiency
  • Get the client’s feedback  (optionally)

Ищете новые каналы привлечения клиентов?

Бесконтактный заказ – множество новых точек контакта с вашими гостями, новыми и постоянными клиентами. 

Больше точек контакта => больше заказов => больше продаж $ 

why us

3 years 
in the market with the solution collecting client’s feedback via QR-code
285 clients
8 countiries
2 days
from ordering to usage

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